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The DNC really shouldn’t staff its Trump war room with former Clinton aides.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Today’s dispatch from the alternate reality where Clinton staffers did not flub their own campaign against Trump comes via The Washington Post:

The DNC’s new communications and research operation, to be staffed by former aides to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, will be one of several efforts from across the Democratic firmament to take on Trump, including the office of Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), the Center for American Progress and American Bridge.

The Post also reports that the DNC intends to focus on Trump’s conflicts of interest and Russia’s alleged election interference. This is not a good idea: Trump’s dirty deals didn’t sway voters, and Democratic rhetoric on Russia has become increasingly hyperbolic.

Party leaders have repeatedly demonstrated a stubborn reluctance to adjust to our anti-establishment climate. It’s partially why they lost the election. And they still can’t, or won’t, hold the party’s centrist inner circle accountable for its failures. Instead, they’ve further entrenched that inner circle’s power.