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The good news is that Donald Trump finally found a Democrat to partner with.

Spencer Platt/Getty

The bad news is that the Democrat is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the partnership is based on their shared distrust of vaccines.

Trump tweeted about his distrust of vaccines two years ago:

He also made the (debunked) link between vaccines and autism a feature of his campaign, discussing it in debates (where Ben Carson, of all people, shut him down) and meeting with anti-vaccination activists. Robert Kennedy Jr., meanwhile, has been a longtime skeptic, going as far as to describe vaccinations as “a Holocaust.”

This is largely in keeping with Trump’s larger program, which is to enable conspiracy theorists, destabilize widely held orthodoxies, and trample on claims of scientific expertise. But it’s also literally destructive. There have already been massive public health incidents that resulted from parents not vaccinating their children. A measles outbreak in California should have stopped the anti-vaccination movement in its tracks, but with Trump’s election it is resurgent.