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Even Trump’s illegal voter conspiracy theorist doesn’t know if his conspiracy is true.


Early this morning, CNN’s Chris Cuomo interviewed Gregg Phillips, the founder of VoteStand and originator of the “three million illegal voters” claim, a conclusion he came to only five days after the election.

Phillips told Cuomo that his group needs “a little more time” but that “we know we have the answer” although “the number is actually bigger.” He’s planning on showing the public the truth “when the time is right.” When pushed by Cuomo on his methodology, Phillips said, “We are as precise as we need to be.” When Cuomo drilled down further, Phillips seemed to confuse even himself.

CHRIS: You already said you had the answer.

GREGG: We do.

CHRIS: You understand logically that doesn’t go together. If I know the answer to something it’s because I’ve concluded my process of analysis not because I’m in the middle of it.

GREGG: Not necessarily. You can reach a conclusion and then still verify it. You can still go back and double-check and check.

CHRIS: Then how do you know if you’re right?

GREGG: That’s exactly what we’re doing.

Inevitably, less than an hour later, Trump tweeted a reference to Phillips and his claims.

We know that Trump’s morning TV time—before he has to do important president business things—is between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. Maybe networks should save the conspiracy theorist interviews until midday.