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Donald Trump is prepared to cut U.C. Berkeley funding because Fox’s Todd Starnes told him to.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Last night, Milo Yiannopoulos, the alt-right’s troll baby, was scheduled to give a talk on U.C. Berkley’s campus. Protesters arrived at the scene and the demonstrations turned violent—fires were lit and windows of the Martin Luther King student center and nearby banks were broken—eventually shutting down the event. Six people were treated for injuries.

The right-wing culture warriors have seized upon the incident, condemning students for inciting violence and stifling free speech. This is despite the fact that only last week, during another Milo event at a university, a protester was shot in the stomach by a Milo fan and Trump supporter. In response to the U.C. Berkeley protests, Fox & Friends’s Todd Starnes advocated for the government to shut down federal funding for the school, yelling like a noble boy on air, “Free speech for all or no federal money!”

Many of Trump’s early morning tweets parrot what he’s watching on television, and it looks like Trump is lifting his policy advice straight from Starnes.

The idea that Trump would cut off funding for universities based on what he sees on Fox & Friends has chilling implications to say the least.