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Watch Jason Chaffetz get owned by his constituents over and over again.

Jason “Chart Guy” Chaffetz, who spent months hunting for fictional Hillary Clinton abuses of power but has done practically nothing to investigate Donald Trump’s many obvious ethics breaches, conflicts of interest, and abuses of power, went home to Utah earlier this week to hang out with his constituents. Chaffetz, who looks like if Tim Curry was a high school wrestling coach, must have known what he was walking into. After all, GOP town halls have been disrupted across the country by constituents who are demanding answers about the party’s plans for Obamacare. But Chaffetz still held his town hall, something that can’t be said for many of his colleagues. He got played. Per The Salt Lake Tribune:

The town-hall meeting was 75 minutes of tense exchanges between Chaffetz and residents from across the state. They were frustrated by the Utah Republican’s refusal to investigate President Donald Trump’s potential conflicts of interest. They doggedly pursued him for his initiatives to transfer or sell public lands. They questioned his position on immigration and refugees.

And that was only half of the largely liberal crowd.

About 1,500 people stood outside Brighton High School, too far back to make the cut, their signs reading, “Do your job” and “America is better than this.”

Or, much better, watch it:

Only Donald Trump deserves this more than Jason Chaffetz. (And maybe Sean Spicer.)