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Donald Trump has already ruined Valentine’s Day.


It’s not even February 14 yet, and Washington is drowning in cupid-themed resistance efforts. Democratic Senator Ed Markey is using the holiday to promote his party’s message of the moment—that the president has abandoned his campaign pledge of fidelity to the working class and rekindled his romance with Wall Street:

The SEIU is urging Americans to call Congress and “share the love for quality, affordable healthcare,” hoping to blunt the impact of Republicans’ promised repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The feminist Ms. Foundation for Women wants supporters to send Trump a valentine, telling him they’ve got “no love for bigotry.” is organizing a series of “Let’s Make a Date” rallies across the country tomorrow, urging members of Congress to hold town hall meetings with their constituents. And the Resist Trump movement is holding a “romantic” protest, near the Senate Office Building, titled “Donald Trump & Wall Street Get Married!

Swipe left on all of it.