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Scandalous headlines from Barack Obama’s first month in office.

A look back at the headlines which dogged his

Mandel Ngan / Getty

Donald Trump’s first four weeks as president have been mired in controversy. Protests have erupted around the country. Refugees have been denied entry at airports. Trump’s associates have been accused of ties to Russian intelligence, and he himself has been called a liar and a tyrant. But no president is immune to scandal. For some context, here is a look back at some of the scathing headlines from the early days of Obama’s presidency:

Barack Obama ‘Simply Incorrect’ On Tuxedo Issue,” Jezebel.

An Unusual Appearance at the Big Clock,” New York Times.

Obama Keeps His Blackberry in a Hard-Fought E-Victory,” New York Times.

First lady Michelle Obama plays Santa Claus for Toys for Tots,” Washington Post.

Obama Orders Burger With Elitist European Condiment,” Gawker.

Air Force One is one ‘spiffy ride,’ Obama says,” CNN.

Obama’s approval rating high, but will it last?,” CNN.

NBC: Obama Calls Singer Jessica Simpson Fat,” NewsBusters.

Obama signed off on taking out pirates,” Politico.

Michelle’s Pricey Sneakers Raise Eyebrows,” CBS News.

Obama Apologizes for Calling His Bad Bowling ‘Like the Special Olympics’,” ABC News.

Obama Chia Pet Pulled From Stores,” Huffington Post.

Let’s hope he has recovered from these terrible burns.