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The lockdown of the GOP’s health care bill is turning into National Treasure: Congress Edition.


House Republicans are busy drafting their new Obamacare replacement bill in a closed-off room to ensure complete secrecy. According to Bloomberg, even Republicans who are given access to the document aren’t allowed to make copies to take with them. This is to guard against a repeat of last week, when an older working draft of the bill was leaked to Politico and quickly excoriated by conservatives like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul.

An incensed Paul, who called the previously leaked draft “Obamacare lite,” declared in a very Nic Cage voice that he was going to steal the Declaration of Independence Republicans’ health care bill.

Paul then tried to force his way into the GOP’s Health Care Bill Drafting Safe Space.

So far, it seems that Paul has been unable to see or obtain a copy of the bill. Even the Declaration of Independence was probably kept under looser security.