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Republican ad attacks congressional candidate for... going to college.

Jon Ossoff is running for Tom Price’s vacant House seat in Georgia’s Sixth District. He is young (he’s 30) and every young person who lives outside of the Atlanta area seems to know him. Ossoff’s youth has been a major driver of his candidacy, which has raised boatloads of money. He’s a long shot in a conservative district—but that pile of cash clearly has Republicans feeling uneasy. So the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Super PAC that focuses on Republican congressional races, released this insane and borderline incoherent attack ad.

This ad is called “The Truth Strikes Back” and “the truth” in question seems to be that Ossoff was in college in the last decade. To be fair, the footage in the ad is a bit embarrassing—a better ad would just roast him for his bad Han Solo costume—but that is also true about footage of literally everyone who has been to college. (Especially Republicans.) For some reason the ad is narrated in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s doofy TV journalist voice. Actually it mostly resembles Gob’s ad for George Michael in Arrested Development.