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Making Sense of the Hot Mess on Capitol Hill

One of the country's leading legislative scholars brings clarity to the chaos in Congress, and places it in its proper historical context.


The turmoil and dysfunction in President Trump’s administration have persisted despite the White House’s (and the commentariat’s) fond hope that his first address to Congress would set the wind at his back. Ironically, this has taken the political spotlight away from the White House and moved it to Capitol Hill. Will Congressional investigators do their jobs? Will Republicans be able to advance a legislative agenda without presidential know-how or guidance? Where is the god damn Obamacare repeal bill?! George Washington University professor and Brookings Institution senior fellow Sarah Binder and New Republic senior editor Brian Beutler try to answer those questions.

Further reading:

  • Well received or not, Trump’s speech was his best chance to resuscitate his faltering legislative agenda, and he blew it.
  • Sarah Binder argues that Democrats should use the Senate’s minority powers to advance their message and extract concessions from Republicans.