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Donald Trump is not a smart man.

Mandel Ngan/Getty Images

If you’re going to start your proclamations with “hereby” like some bad imitation of a monarch, at least get it right. The president of the United States twice tried to use this word on Friday afternoon and twice failed.

He got it on the third try.

The explanation for this series of tweets is that Trump is mad that Democrats are criticizing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for lying under oath about his communications with the Russian government. Trump has (sarcastically? no one knows) called for an investigation of Chuck Schumer, and now Nancy Pelosi, for meeting with Russian officials, even though neither lied about it under oath, the way Jeff Sessions did.

His inability to spell aside, it is worth noting the casual way the president is using the power of his office to launch vindictive investigations against his opponents. He may be dumb, but, as usual, it’s no laughing matter.