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Kellyanne Conway admits there’s no evidence of Obama wiretapping Trump, but doubles down anyway.

When asked by New Jersey’s the Bergen Record on Sunday if Trump Tower had actually been wiretapped, Conway suggested the CIA could have used “microwaves that turn into cameras” to surveil Trump. George Stephanopoulos apparently wasn’t satisfied with that bizarre non-answer, so he pressed her about it this morning on Good Morning America:

In the clip, Stephanopoulos asks if she has any evidence to support Donald Trump’s claims that Obama had ordered a wiretap of Trump Tower. She finally admits to having none, but then doubles down and says, “But that’s why there’s an investigation in Congress.”

So, Conway admits Trump’s allegations are utterly baseless, then suggests the reason Congress is investigating is to find evidence for those allegations. Either she has no idea how investigations work, or she’s advocating for a witch hunt.