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The Alex Jones custody trial is about as bonkers as you’d expect.

America’s most committed goblin-hater is having a very bad time. His travails come at the hands of a family court judge: Jones, we’re learning, is probably not a very good father. A few dispatches, courtesy of Buzzfeed’s Charlie Warzel:

The Austin American-Statesman also reported that Jones’s attorneys claim that he is in the business of performance art. But this isn’t a gotcha; it’s just obvious. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis: Alex Jones has always either been insane or a liar. He is the latest iteration in a fine American tradition of snake-oil peddlers and paper-thin cultists. This is why he’s so fond of Donald Trump. The two men are in the same line of work, and they’re both very good at what they do.

They consequently have similar fans. Trump infamously—and accurately—said that he could “shoot someone” and not lose his supporters. Jones can call himself a performance artist, he can call himself a hero, he could probably call himself Jesus, and his fans would still watch his show. People who believe that the Deep State staged the Sandy Hook massacre are going to believe whatever batshit conspiratorial nonsense Jones serves them. To them, Jones really is a prophet. His trials and tribulations only sharpen that perception.

Jeremiah wrote Lamentations. John the Baptist ate locusts. Alex Jones has family court. Filtered through tinfoil, it all sounds the same.