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Jeff Sessions knows Hawaii is a state. He just doesn’t care.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Sessions, the racist Keebler elf of Donald Trump’s administration, has two true loves: white nationalism and making cookies in his treehouse. Today he took some time out of his busy Fudge Stripes production schedule to issue a good old-fashioned dog whistle to the people of Hawaii:

Sessions is attempting to criticize Judge Derrick Watson, who recently blocked Donald Trump’s Muslim ban and is based in Hawaii. But it’s interesting that he chooses do so by attacking Hawaii itself—which is, of course, not just “some island in the Pacific.” It’s the most diverse state in the nation. It’s a state because we invaded it and staged a coup that overthrew its indigenous leadership. Sessions should love this story!

Donald Trump does not rule by fiat. He cannot snap his fingers and sprinkle racist pixie dust on the laws of the United States. Watson was well within his rights to block Trump’s executive order, and Sessions’s refusal to recognize his judicial authority is cause for real concern. This authoritarian streak—and dismissiveness toward diverse communities—is in line with what we’ve come to expect from the Trump White House.