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Queen Elizabeth doesn’t seem too keen to meet Donald Trump.

WPA Pool/Getty

The Queen’s Speech, the official opening of the British Parliament, usually mentions state visits that have been planned for when Parliament is in session. But one such visit was conspicuously absent from today’s speech: Donald Trump’s visit, which was planned for this summer after Prime Minister Theresa May extended an invitation in January on behalf of the Queen. While the Queen said that she and Prince Phillip “look forward to welcoming their majesties King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain on a state visit in July,” Trump’s visit was never mentioned

The prospect of Trump coming to Great Britain has stirred controversy and protest, especially after he misquoted and criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan following the London Bridge attack. 

Khan later called for Trump’s invitation to be officially rescindeda position held by many of his fellow Britons. In February a petition to withdraw Trump’s invitation gained more than 1.8 million signatures, spurring a debate in Parliament over the issue.

And it seems that Trump understands how much he’s disliked. He reportedly told May earlier this month that he wanted to postpone the trip if it would cause mass demonstrations. However, the White House denies that the subject ever came up on the call.

Both the White House and Downing Street insist that the president’s invitation remains unchanged, just that the date has yet to be confirmed. But with Theresa May barely able to keep the ship steady, it remains unlikely that either government will want to rock the boat.