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Donald Trump, the president, can’t stop tweeting about women and their blood.

AFP / Getty Images

Worried about the Senate’s health care plan? Waiting for the leader of the free world to say something sane about it? Alas, we lived in a utterly depraved world:

Leave aside, for a moment, the fact that this is sexist; future presidential biographers will have the joy of plumbing the depths of Trump’s fascination with women and their blood. This is deranged, stupid, and egotistical; this is pure Trump, unadulterated by his daughter’s mythical moderating influence.

Is this a deliberate distraction from the fact that people are getting pulled from their wheelchairs and arrested for protesting his party’s health care plan? Who knows! The most obvious answer is that Trump is catastrophically stupid, and obsessed with himself, and doesn’t actually care about health care. It’s not a ploy as much as it’s a tic.

Anyway, this latest tantrum is probably fake news:

Very sad! Mika Brzezinski—who mainstreamed Trump for years, and only dumped him when he became difficult to manage—tweeted this in response:

Mildly amusing. Almost forgot poor people are about to lose health care. 5/10, would chortle again.