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Chris Christie might be privately using a state beach that he shut down but he is definitely NOT getting any sun.

Christie failed to reach a compromise with the Democratic state assembly to pass a budget before July 1, the start of the fiscal year, which means that all of the state parks are closed over the holiday weekend. But any good politician knows that crisis is another word for opportunity and Christie took advantage of the crisis in typical fashion. On Sunday, he and his family took to the deserted beach to catch some rays.

Solidifying his status as the most unpopular governor in America, The Star-Ledger published aerial photos of Christie and his family lounging on Island Beach State Park on Sunday afternoon.

Christie has access to the closed park via a very special retreat known as the “Governor’s Ocean House.” When asked about whether this was fair or not, instead of answering like a normal empathetic human being, Christie told reporters, “Run for governor, and you can have a residence there.” After the photos were taken, Christie was asked at a news conference whether or not he had gotten any sun on Sunday, which he denied. When Christie’s spokesman was later told about the aerial beach photos, he admitted the governor was at the beach but insisted that indeed Christie “did not get any sun” because “he had a baseball hat on.”