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Only Ann Coulter could make this dumb airline dispute racist.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Ann “Trump is not racist enough for me” Coulter has been engaging in the storied tradition of yelling at a brand on Twitter dot com for perceived mistreatment. The subject of Coulter’s ire is Delta, which, according to her account, kicked her out of her “PRE-BOOKED SEAT” that had “extra room” to give it to a “dachshund-legged woman.” Delta responded by clarifying that Coulter had originally booked 15F, a window seat, then changed it to 15D, an aisle seat. But when boarding, “Delta inadvertently moved Coulter to 15A, a window seat, when working to accommodate several passengers with seating requests.” According to the Washington Post, all of these seats are in the same row and have the same amount of legroom. Coulter has been non-stop tweeting at Delta since Sunday afternoon.

This is Coulter’s most recent tweet (for now) from this morning:

Coulter is referring to the incident in which David Dao, an Asian-American man, was violently dragged off a United plane in April. This tweet is peak Coulter: In a fake controversy generated by herself, she is comparing her personal woes of switching seats to an actual incident of police brutality experienced by someone else. In case you were wondering how Coulter felt about Dao, at the time she tweeted a racist jab:

She also compared Delta employees to the, um, Stasi: