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We now live in a world where Trump will never be done talking about how much he loves white supremacy.

Getty Images

Today, he tweeted about the tearing down of “beautiful” Confederate monuments, saying that they will “never able to be comparably replaced.”

Remember, this is coming from the man who only recently learned about Frederick Douglass. He has also literally torn down historic statues himself:

The silver lining is that people are fighting back. In Durham, North Carolina, protesters recently tore down a Confederate statue, leading to the arrest of four people. In a powerful show of solidarity, hundreds of people rallied when three of the those protesters made a court appearance, demanding that all charges be dropped. They are also symbolically turning themselves in alongside those arrested:

The city of Baltimore also recently voted to remove all of its Confederate monuments, which they did in the dead of the night. In fact, all across the country, monuments are coming down, in direct resistance to the white supremacists on the ground and in the White House.