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Midterm Addenda

Courses you might have missed

Undergraduates are advised to review the following list of additions and corrections to the Course Catalog.


Statistics 209. Methods of Computations 4398
Leslie Marvins
A survey of computing methods used in statistics. The course will focus on applied and theoretical statistics (e.g., polynomial regression, optimization). Some attention will also be paid to trivial statistics (e.g., longest recorded femur, world’s heaviest twins, most coins swallowed in one gulp).
Half Course (winter term). Tu-Th, 2-3:30.

Interdisciplinary Studies 119. Cinema and the Law 4312
J.J. Walton
The course will examine four films‚Europa, Europa; Olivier, Olivier; Corrina, Corrina; and Jamon, Jamon—with an eye toward a possible lawsuit.
Half Course (spring term). M-W, 9-10:30.

Political Science 2000. Schmoozing the Despot 2543
Vance Leyward
In his seminal Negotiations, Arthur Hunt suggests: “When a treaty is first presented, clutch your chest as if having a heart attack, pause dramatically, then burst out laughing.” This technique will be evaluated against more traditional methods of diplomacy, such as collective bargaining, flirting and the use of fresh baked goods.
Half Course (winter term). Tu-Th, 1:00.

English 90. Moisture and the Medieval Pillow 3753
Nell Samaria
The seminar studies images of dampness in medieval popular ballads, with special attention paid to Gower’s Whu Ha’ Moissened Me Pillowwe, Ye Nummbeskulle
Enrollment: Limited to fifteen.
Half Course (spring term). Tu, 2-4.

Anthropology 182. Fastidious Tribes of South America 0371
Eleanor Skrine
One primitive tribe of Peru has an aversion to mud, which makes its ancient custom of dwelling in mud huts unfortunate. No sooner has a domicile been erected than it is furiously sponged back into the ground. This phenomenon will be studied in connection with other cleaning rituals thought to promote fertility, including the permanent removal of lint.
Half Course (winter term). Tu-Th, 11:00.

History 1623. Windbags since the 19th Century 6561
Johanna Pell
Beginning with Xavier Punch, who delivered a seventeen-day filibuster to the Louisiana State Senate in 1809, this course examines a long tradition of lousy orators—myself included. Oral history will figure prominently, and students will be required to write it down.
Prerequisite: A proven interest in public office.
Full Course (long term). M-Sat, 8-12:30.

Film Studies 256. The Latvian Cinema 2002
Elizabeth Smyth
Why do Minski’s films always open with a minor character bellowing or scampering around? Why do they close with someone snooping? These questions will be addressed through a combination of lectures, foot rubs and fuzzy compliments.
Half Course (spring term). Fri, 3-6.

General Education 1060. Anti-Semitism 3321
Gunther Matthews
Ever since Nebuchadnezzar first blamed the Jews for humidity (581 B.C.), that group has suffered countless tribulations. But why is it large-scale problems for which Jews are blamed? Why not trifling misfortunes such as chafe or static cling?
Half Course (winter term). M-W, 10-11:30.


Comp. Lit. 164. The Novel and the Twerp has been postponed until the spring term.

The wait list for Pop. Culture 17. Flip Wilson, Auteur has been filled.

The writing requirements for Expos. 10, The Poem as Noisy Performance have been canceled.

The course description for Gov. 10, Heads of State was printed incompletely. There should be a final sentence that reads: “Explores the consequences for the statesman of pitching face forward into a smorgasbord.”

Indemnification cards are now available at the Registrar’s Office for Corporal Punishment 105. Caning, Pinching and Poking.