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Virgil, Hey

Ah me! I find myself middle-aged divorced lost

In the forest dark of my failures mortgage & 

          slack breasts

It’s hard to admit nobody wants to do me anymore

Not even Virgil will lead me down to his 

          basement rental

Take a look at my firstborn son

Who put me on three months’ bedrest

For whom I bled on the emergency room floor

Who declaims his device sucks

Stabs holes in his bedroom wall

Complains his ATV’s too slow

Who plots to run away to join terrorists

He’d rather die than do math

And the little one ripped

From my womb in the surgery room

I pierced my nipples to unblock her milk

Who pours lemonade on the floor for skating

Howls in rage cause her cake isn’t pretty

Carved No Mom on her door with scissors

Who says, No fence but you’re kinda fat

She’d rather die than wear underpants

Virgil, hey! Send me down

To the second circle of hell where I belong

With those whom Love separated from Reason

Where an infernal hurricane will blast me

Hither & thither with no hope ever no comfort

Rather than drive these two to school this morning

And suffer forever with the other mothers