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Is the NRA facing extinction or crying wolf?


Rolling Stone is reporting that in a new court filing, the main pro-gun lobby group in America claims it is facing catastrophic financial future as a result of the policy of New York State regulators who have limited its ability to purchase insurance. The NRA claims it may soon “be unable to exist… or pursue its advocacy mission.”

As Rolling Stone notes, “The lawsuit stems from actions taken by New York financial regulators to halt the sale of an illegal, NRA-branded insurance policy. The NRA actively marketed ‘Carry Guard,’ a policy to reimburse members for legal costs incurred after firing a legal gun. In May, the state of New York found that Carry Guard ‘unlawfully provided liability insurance to gun owners for certain acts of intentional wrongdoing.’ The NRA’s insurance partners agreed to stop selling the policies and pay a $7 million fine.”

In the wake of these regulations and a consumer boycott that gathered strength after the Parkland school shooting in February 2018, the NRA is having trouble buying insurance.

Opponents of the NRA should treat this news with some caution. Because it has launched a lawsuit, it is in the NRA’s interest to make the most extravagant claims about damages. It’s by no means clear that the NRA is really facing collapse or if it is exaggerating to win legal sympathy—and perhaps raise more money.