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Michael Cohen is “more than happy” to talk about 2016 Trump Tower collusion.

Yana Paskova/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC show interviewed Lanny Davis, who represents Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. The interview was more unwelcome news for the president. Davis said that Cohen feels “liberated to tell the truth, everything about Donald Trump he knows.”

Elaborating on this point, Davis said “Mr. Cohen has knowledge on certain subjects that should be of interest to the special counsel and is more than happy to tell the special counsel—[not just] the obvious possibility of a conspiracy to collude and corrupt the American democracy system in the 2016 election which the Trump Tower meeting was all about but also knowledge about the computer crime of hacking and whether or not Mr. Trump knew ahead of time about that crime and even cheered it on.”

The president and his supporters took comfort in the fact that today’s conviction of Cohen and former Trump campaign CEO Paul Manafort were not directly connected to Russian collusion. “Where is the collusion?” The President asked at a rally on Tuesday. “You know, they’re still looking for collusion! Find some collusion!”

Davis’s words suggest ways that collusion could in fact become visible.