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Andrew Gillum’s surprise win turns Florida into an ideological battlefield.

Alex Wong/Getty

Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, won an upset victory to become the Democratic nominee in the fall governor’s race. None of the polls prior to tonight’s results showed Gillum in the lead. Gillum has broken ground since no African-American has ever won a major-party nomination in Florida for governor. If Gillum wins the state-wide election, he’ll be the first African-American governor of Florida.

Gillum ran on a strongly progressive platform. As Splinter notes, Gillum “was the only candidate supported by Bernie Sander’s political nonprofit Our Revolution and was endorsed by the senator. His platform includes support for Medicare for All, legalizing weed, banning employer discrimination against formerly incarcerated people (as he did in Tallahassee), restorative justice for teens, gun control, and abolishing ICE.”

Gillum will be facing off against Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis, who has adopted a strongly Trumpian political identity. On Monday, the president tweeted in support of DeSantis:

As The Washington Post notes, the victories of Gillum and DeSantis sets up “a colossal fall showdown between two potent political forces in the country’s biggest swing state.”