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Brit Hume argues that serving in a “fiasco of a presidency” is a virtue.

Brendan Hoffman/Getty

The Fox News commentator drew an unusual lesson from Bob Woodward’s new book, which reportedly documents White House staff regarding President Donald Trump as an idiot whose orders often need to be countermanded. For Hume, this bolsters the case for working for Trump.

“What you see here portrayed, at least in the excerpts that we’ve seen from this book, is this volcanic president, who lies about himself in the most demeaning ways to the people around him, walks right up to the edge of what would be incredible disastrous decisions all the time ... restrained apparently only by aides around him, much of the time,” Hume noted on Fox. “There is an account in there about a document he is about to sign to do something that they came and took it off his desk. What does that say to people in the Never Trump movement, particularly on the right, who don’t think that people who are serving in the Trump administration should do so because it participates in this fiasco of a presidency? It seems to me the lesson that comes away from this is thank God for the people who are around Trump who keeping him on the straight and narrow to the extent they can because that’s a service to the country, it seems to me, without question.”

In an impressive feat of polemical jiu-jitsu, Hume is arguing that the more unfit for office Trump is, the more staffers should stick with him, in order to keep him from doing even more terrible things. In other words, the worse Trump is, the more we have to reject the counsel of the Never Trump movement.