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Ayanna Pressley’s primary victory shows the progressive wave is still rolling.

Scott Eisen/Getty

In an upset victory, Pressley defeated fellow Democrat Mike Capuano, who has represented Massachusetts’ 7th congressional district for 10 terms. Capuano has been a progressive legislator, one who voted against the Iraq war and the Patriot Act, but Pressley outflanked him on the left by calling for the abolition of ICE, a move Capuano rejected. Capuano also supported a “Blue Lives Matter” bill that Pressley criticized.

If Pressley wins in the November general election, as she is expected to do in this heavily Democratic district encompassing half of Boston and many surrounding communities, she’ll be the first African-American woman from Massachusetts elected to serve in Congress. Her victory is further evidence that the base of the Democratic Party, especially in safe districts, want left-wing candidates. It’s also another example of the party’s increasing openness to running female and minority candidates.