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Georgia’s secretary of state resigns while ahead in the gubernatorial election he supervised.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty

Brian Kemp, who ran for the governorship of Georgia while he was supervising the election in his role as secretary of state, resigned as secretary of state on Thursday morning. The election results have not been certified yet, but he has what seems like an insurmountable lead over his Democratic rival Stacey Abrams: 50.3 percent for Kemp against 48.7 for Abrams. The wild card is that if Kemp’s numbers drop below 50 percent during the remaining counting, there will be a runoff. There are reportedly 20,000 ballots left uncounted, which would not be enough for Kemp to drop below 50 percent and certainly not enough for Abrams to win.

In mathematical terms, Kemp’s lead is impossible to overcome. The complicating factor is that the election was marred by voting irregularities and is now the subject of lawsuits. In a suit filed on Tuesday, a group of Georgia voters accused Kemp of using the “official powers of his office to interfere in the election to benefit himself and his political party and disadvantage his opponents.”

Georgia Democrats denounced what they described as Kemp’s “self-coronation.”