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The New Republic Hires Veteran Editor Chris Lehmann

New York, NY(April 8, 2019)The New Republic announced Chris Lehmann as its full-time editor effective immediately, following his role as a consulting editorial director at the publication. Lehmann is known for his long-form political and cultural thought pieces, and has extensive experience in both traditional and digital journalism.

“Chris is an accomplished writer and editor in many forms, from book author to columnist to hard-hitting journalist,” said Win McCormack, The New Republic’s owner, chairman, and editor in chief. “His knowledge of the political and cultural landscape is invaluable, and we welcome his leadership and well-rounded experience as The New Republic continues to expand its coverage.”

Lehmann most recently was editor in chief of The Baffler, and author of the former “Jaundiced Eyeball” and “The Blessed and the Brightest” columns. He will remain editor at large at The Baffler. He’s previously held roles at Newsday, New York magazine, The Washington Post, Congressional Quarterly, and Yahoo! News, and published the books Rich People Things: Real-Life Secrets of the Predator Class  and The Money Cult: Capitalism, Christianity and the Unmaking of the American Dream.

The New Republic is both the nation’s best-known outlet for liberal political journalism and a premier source of thought-provoking cultural commentary,” Lehmann said. This role will allow me to develop ideas and stories that will appeal to the magazine’s longtime subscriber base while also attracting new readers keen to engage the urgent set of issues facing the country in singularly troubled times.”

I look forward to carrying on the unparalleled legacy of fearlessly reported investigative work and topical commentary that has made The New Republic an indispensable arbiter of left-liberal political thought,” Lehmann continued.

Lehmann is the latest permanent hire in a period of growth for The New Republic, following the appointment of Kerrie Gillis as publisher. 

Lehmann will split his time between The New Republic’s Washington, D.C. and New York City offices.

For decades, The New Republic has been a powerful, pioneering voice in the left-leaning marketplace of ideas. Recent coverage runs the gamut from “The Supreme Court’s Twisted Devotion to the Death Penalty” by Matt Ford to “In Search of Generation Z” by Daniel Kolitz.

The New Republic published its April 2019 issue with a cover story that details the banal, evil, all-destructive reign of Mitch McConnell. “Nihilist in Chief,” by author Alex Pareene, seeks to unearth what makes Mitch McConnell tick.

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