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The Serious Case for Not Freaking Out About Trump’s Scary Poll Numbers

This might explain why the Biden campaign appears quietly confident in the face of so much grim polling news.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Trump addresses a campaign rally on March 9 in Rome, Georgia.

Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg is a leading voice insisting that it’s premature to freak out about Donald Trump’s lead in the polls. Rosenberg’s case is partly that the Democratic Party is strong and has been winning lots of elections lately, as his recent piece in The New Republic outlined. But there’s another, less appreciated side to his analysis: that the people who make ads and run campaigns and do politics for a living know that Trump’s pile-up of negatives is, in the end, probably insurmountable for him. So we chatted with Rosenberg about this side of his theoryand about why the Biden team appears quietly confident of victory.