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Kari Lake’s Vile New Threat of “Glock” Violence Exposes MAGA’s Lunacy

With Lake urging supporters to “strap on a Glock,” we talked to a counterterrorism official during the Trump presidency about how political violence went mainstream in the MAGA movement.

Photo by Rebecca Noble/Getty Images
Arizona Republican Senate candidate and far-right election denier Kari Lake in Phoenix, on February 29

Kari Lake, a die-hard MAGA Republican who’s running for Senate in Arizona, told a rally this week that it’s time for supporters of her and Donald Trump to “put on the armor of God and maybe strap on a Glock just in case.” There you have it: God and Glock, side by side. We talked to Elizabeth Neumann, a Homeland Security counterterrorism official during Trump’s presidency and author of a new book about Christian extremism, about how MAGA rhetoric normalizes political violence.