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How Trump and the GOP are Using RFK Jr. to Pull a Big Scam

With Donald Trump and Republicans suddenly professing worry that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s bid could hurt them, a top Democratic strategist warns us not to get snowed by their con job.

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visits "Fox & Friends" on April 2 in New York City.

New polls this week served up a surprise: They showed Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential run pulling more support from Donald Trump than from President Biden. And even some Republicans are publicly insisting that they fear the same. One person who is deeply skeptical of this reading is veteran Democratic strategist and podcaster Joe Trippi. We chatted with Trippi about his grand theory of the election, why he thinks the only threat RFK poses is to Biden, and how Trump and Republicans are attempting to disguise all of it with a clever bait-and-switch.