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Trump’s Vile New Threat to Unleash “Military” Has a Hidden, Darker Aim

How Donald Trump’s frightening vow to persecute migrants and other enemy “invaders” could normalize the language of dehumanization and authoritarianism.

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto/Getty Images
Former President Donald Trump in Miami on May 5

In his much-discussed Time interview, Donald Trump threatened to use the military to carry out mass deportations in a second term. The proposals he offered are appalling on their face. But beyond that, by regularly using vicious tropes about undocumented immigrants and other domestic enemies within, Trump is trying to acclimate voters to the ugliest forms of authoritarian, dehumanizing language. We talked to Maria Teresa Kumar, the president of Voto Latino, about a new effort she’s launching with other Hispanic leaders to alert voters to the grave threat Trump posesbefore it’s too late.