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GOP Fury at Trump Verdict Just Got Scarier. This Dem Sees an Opening.

As Republicans take dangerous new steps to delegitimize the conviction of Donald Trump, a top Democratic strategist explains how her party can and should turn this debate to its advantage.

Justin Lane/Pool/Getty Images
Former President Donald Trump in New York City on May 30

In the wake of Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felony counts, Republican anger at the verdict is getting darker, with GOP leaders talking about holding hearings and even defunding other prosecutions of Trump. But Democrats are not engaging this debate nearly as intensively, and appear divided over how to proceed. This is puzzling: The furious GOP defense of Trump is deranged and reckless, and would almost certainly be deeply unpopular—if voters are made to understand it. We talked to veteran Democratic strategist Celinda Lake, who suggested ways the party might find a stronger and more unified posture in this battle going forward. Listen to this episode here.