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Sleazy WSJ Hit Piece on Biden’s Age Gets Brutally Shredded By Dems

After a new report that dubiously hyped President Biden’s age infuriated Democrats, we talked to a leading media critic about the deep problems with the press this saga exposes.

Joe Biden speaking
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
President Joe Biden in Washington, D.C. on June 4

On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal published a dodgy hit piece about President Biden’s age. Then something unusual happened: Democratic lawmakers went nuclear on the piece, going on record to forcefully undermine its core assertions. This deserves some discussion: Could Dems better “work the refs” the way Republicans do? When liberals do criticize coverage, why do newsroom leaders shrug it off? Why do editors insult our intelligence with phony justifications for the overemphasis on Biden’s age? We chatted with Aaron Rupar, a shrewd media observer and author of the Public Notice Substack, about the deeper problems with the press this saga reveals. Listen to this episode here.