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In Texas, Right-Wing Rage Takes a Dark Turn: “War On White America”

With a far-right conference in Texas set to promote Christian nationalism and “great replacement theory,” a leading scholar of the right sheds light on the darker MAGA pathologies this reveals.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaking from behind a podium with the words "Save America" visible on it.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in Robstown, Texas, on October 22, 2022.

An influential group called the True Texas Project is hosting a conference in July that will actively promote Christian nationalism and the racist “great replacement theory,” the Texas Tribune reports. The group, which subscribes to the idea of a “war on white America,” has ties to many Texas GOP officials, the report says, including Senator Ted Cruz and Attorney General Ken Paxton, a major supporter of Donald Trump. We talked to Sarah Posner, author of several books on the religious right, who sheds much-needed light on this ugly tangle of far-right ideologiesand how they’re being mainstreamed at the highest levels of Republican power. Listen to this episode here.