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Trump’s Rage at Fox News for Crossing Him Hints at a Darker Story

As Donald Trump erupts at Fox News for disloyalty, the author of a new book about the history of right-wing grift explains the Trump-Fox relationship’s place in that long and sordid tale.

Donald Trump is seen close up, scowling in anger
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Former President Donald Trump in Phoenix, on June 6

This week, Donald Trump raged at a Fox News poll finding him behind, and lashed out at Fox for featuring a guest who dared criticize him. Trump regularly unloads on Fox when it doesn’t follow his script, which is remarkable, given that Fox is usually committed to deceiving its viewers on his behalf. Both Trump and Fox draw on a long history, in which grift and scams have been deeply intertwined with the American right for over a half-century. We talked to journalist Joe Conason, author of a new book called The Longest Con: How Grifters, Swindlers and Frauds Hijacked American Conservatism about the place of the tortured Trump-Fox relationship in that long, ugly story. Listen to this episode here.