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Trump’s Wildly Unhinged Attack on NYT Should Wake Up Media: He’s Unfit

With Trump slamming the Times even as it crusades against Biden, a press critic explains how Trump scams the media into adopting a huge double standard on each man’s fitness to serve.

Donald Trump points to his own head
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Former President Donald Trump in Atlanta, on June 27

On Sunday, Donald Trump erupted at The New York Times, slamming it in crazed and bizarre terms for its supposed unfair treatment of him. Yet if anything, in recent days the Times has crusaded relentlessly against his opponent, President Biden. Which is why this moment helps explain how Trump games the media—and how the media lets Trump game them. We talked with Will Stancil, an active social media presence who has prominently skewered the press for an immense double standard toward Trump and Biden. He explains why the Times and the media often seem to crusade more aggressively against Biden’s age than against Trump’s obvious mental unfitness for the presidency. Listen to this episode here.