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Surprise: Biden Is Suddenly Close to Defeating the Push to Oust Him

With Democrats coalescing behind President Biden at a moment of crisis, a leading analyst explains how he is fending off efforts to remove him—and lays out what will happen next.

President Biden speaking at the White House with clenched right fist
Samuel Corum/Getty Images
President Joe Biden at the White House in Washington, D.C., on July 4

Although the Democratic Party remains mired in infighting over President Biden’s disastrous debate performance, congressional Democrats now appear increasingly convinced that he will survive as the nominee. They seem resigned to this even as many appear convinced he will lose to Donald Trump in November. What happened here, exactly? We talked to The American Prospect’s David Dayen, who has a good new piece called “Why the Bid to Push Out Biden is Losing,” about how Biden seems to have shut down the opposition, what it says about the Democratic Party, and why there are still grounds for deep anxiety about what comes next. Listen to this episode here.