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Dems Clamoring For Gore

You may not much like *** Morris. But one thing you know about him is that he is a shrewd political analyst...and prognosticator. His analysis of Al Gore's prospects in a race against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination is to be taken seriously, very seriously. The only genuine enthusiasm in the Democratic ranks is for the candidate that isn't. That can change.

Here is Morris' take. Write me if you think he's wrong.

Another thought from another political web site:

That Gore's allies and friends in New Hampshire should really open up the competition by running him as a write-in the presidential primary. You don't need anyone's permission to do that, and certainly not the putative candidate. You just do it.

Dwight Eisenhower won the New Hampshire primary Republican on a write-in in 1952, and went on to win the presidency. Henry Cabot Lodge won the same primary in 1964, also by write-in. He lost the nomination to Barry Goldwater who lost to LBJ.