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Green Light For Gatsby Party

One of the things I always found curious during college was that every year a particular organization on campus threw a Great Gatsby-themed party. It seems this is becoming something of a trend: Forbes College at Princeton has announced plans to spend $20,000 throwing a Gatsby-themed party of its own. You may be wondering, how awesome is this party going to be? Answer--pretty awesome:

"It's going to be big. It's going to be grandiose," Forbes College Council chair Robert Sobieski '10 said. "We're still deciding on many of the most important factors, but one thing's for sure--it's going to be grandiose and awesome. I know that's saying the same thing twice, but that's how great it's going to be."

There was a certain degree of debate at Harvard regarding the extent to which the Gatsby party was intended to be ironic. I was always of the opinion that no one could really be oblivious enough to throw a non-ironic Gatsby party, but these Princetonians sound pretty darn earnest about it:

"It's really going to help Forbes keep selling its image as the 'country club' college," [Forbes College Council member Raaj] Mehta said.

--Josh Patashnik