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The Morning News

Hillary's Gun Show [Leonard Doyle, The Independent (UK)]: "An analysis of campaign contributions shows senior defence industry employees are pouring money into her war chest in the belief that their generosity will be repaid many times over with future defense contracts."

Color Wars [Jenn Abelson, Boston Globe]: "Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards today kicked off his 'True Blue Majority' campaign aimed at showing the country that he has the best chance of defeating the Republican candidate in the 2008 general election--even in the red, GOP-friendly states."

Squeezing Water from Iraq [June Kronholz, Wall Street Journal]: "[Republicans] have twice as many seats to defend as Democrats next year in the narrowly divided Senate. The Democratic presidential candidates are raising twice as much money as the Republicans. And now it looks like the party will even have trouble holding its ground in the House, which had been considered its best shot."

Value Shoppers [Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune]: "Nearly four in ten of all Republican and Republican-leaning voters are evangelical Protestants, surveys have found. And more than four in ten say that social issues will be 'very important' to their vote for president in 2008."

--Dayo Olopade