Mitt Romney vowed to measure the state of the American family, and improve it. He also joked about his Mormonism:

"Family is the building block of the nation. It's the economic unit of society, and this isn't just rhetoric. Let me talk about this from the standpoint of reality--from economic reality. ... If I become president, I will reinstate the family impact statement." Full text here.

Rudy Giuliani was unapologetic about being pro-choice, asking only that evangelicals keep an open mind and read his clips:

"I come to you today as I would if I were your president, with an open mind and an open heart, and all I ask is that you do the same. Please know this: You have absolutely nothing to fear from me. I find it difficult understanding those who try to make me out as an activist for liberal causes. If you think that, just read any New York Times editorial while I was mayor of New York City." Full text here.

--Barron YoungSmith