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The Morning News

Mud Pit: [Michael Kranish, The Boston Globe]: "The eight Republican candidates for president held a fiery debate last night filled with charges and confrontations about who is a true conservative and 'real Republican' as they defended their stands on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and taxes."

Cash Money:[Leslie Wayne and Aron Pilhofer, The New York Times]: "Spending reports filed by the presidential campaigns for the July to September quarter show that Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are all spending about equally. ... But behind those numbers are wide differences in how the campaigns spend their money."

Waiting Game: [Jesse J. Hollan, AP]: "Despite the candidates' pleas for endorsements, some of the most powerful labor unions are sitting on the sidelines until the presidential primaries begin to thin out the Democratic field."

Drudge Match:[Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times]:Mrs. Clinton's aides declined to discuss how the Drudge Report got access to her latest fund-raising figures nearly 20 minutes before the official announcement went to supporters. But it was a prime example of a development that has surprised much of the political world: Mrs. Clinton is learning to play nice with the Drudge Report and the powerful, elusive and conservative-leaning man behind it.

Outside the Box: [Philip Elliot, AP]: Presidential hopeful Barack Obama on Monday launched a new ad focused on his message of change and implicitly criticizing his Democratic rivals for being conventional.

--Ben Crair