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Outsourcing Today's Stump

Apologies for the light posting today--Mike and I are both crashing on pieces for the magazine; we'll be back to blogging by the end of the day. In the meantime, allow me to recommend three articles by close friends of The Stump. The first is Amy Sullivan's shrewd piece over at, about how the Huckabee campaign is creating a split between evangelical elites and rank-and-file social conservatives. This is something I can vouch for personally having seen the latter go nuts for Huckabee in Washington on Saturday. (Disclosure: Amy's more than just a friend of The Stump--we, er, cohabitate.) The second is Ryan Lizza's profile of Mitt Romney in The New Yorker. Ryan has some great scenic detail, and the stuff on Romney's consulting background is absolutely terrific. Finally, check out Josh Green's piece puzzling over Stephen Colbert's base in South Carolina. I've seen internal campaign strategy memos that are less rigorous than this is. Much less.

--Noam Scheiber