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With Advocates Like These

The Times had a "Sunday Styles" piece about the Hollywood "eco-wives" (the environmentally conscious spouses of entertainment industry bigwigs) who descend upon Washington to lobby for green causes such as a tough climate change bill.

Looking to combat all those ugly stereotypes about politically active La-La Landers having more money than sense, these gals come armed with tales of their first-hand struggles with global warming. For instance, Colleen Bell, wife of "The Bold and the Beautiful" executive producer and head writer, Bradley Bell, shared with Sen. Barbara Boxer the devastation being wrought on the ocean near her Malibu home: "I'm a surfer....the algae bloom is insane."

Boxer, in turn, sympathetically pointed to the concrete economic tragedy of temperature creep: "We can see it happening, we can feel it happening...The fashion industry is so upset because they can't sell their cashmere sweaters."

Hear that snorting noise? It's the sound of Rush Limbaugh laughing his fat ass off over the bottomless well of self-parodying ridiculousness folks like these provide folks like him.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear this piece had sprung from the fevered dreams of RNC chairman Mike Duncan as part of some vicious direct-mail campaign.

Surely, with all their hubby's connections, these gals could find themselves a competent script doctor.

--Michelle Cottle