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Meet "mr. ***k"

I've gotten around to this a little late, but for those who haven't had the guilty pleasure of reading David Segal's Washington Post exploration of the less-than-amicable divorce proceedings of Clinton-tormenting billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, you can find it here. It is, as advertised, "like a visit to Gettysburg, minus the gravitas."

--Christopher Orr 

Update:  If you're wondering about the coy title of this post, it's the result of a not-yet-disabled obscenity filter on our new blog software. (I'm assured it will be attended to.) The asterixes took the place of a four-letter, diminutive form of "Richard" that begins with "D." This is the name by which motel employees would refer to Mr. Scaife when he would use their facilities to meet with his alleged mistress, a woman once arrested for prostitution. (Yes, the story's that good.)