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Huckabee's About-face On Clinton Family Values

Huckabee Hearts Hillary [Eriposte, The Left Coaster]:

recently been on an anti-Hillary rampage with his colleagueswent slightly off-script back in August on this very matter

Dodd Surges Online [RealClearPolitics]:

Huffington PostFireDogLake

From First Class to Coach [Greg Sargent, Talking Points Memo]:

"Michael Tomasky has published an interesting new interview with Hillary. The news in it is that she vows as President to conduct a systematic review of the ways in which the Bush administration has hoarded executive power -- a review, she claims, that could actually cause her to relinquish some of those powers."

Obama's Bible Blunder [Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Huffington Post]

"How hard will Obama fight as president for tolerance, specifically against anti gay bigotry? This is the supreme litmus test for any candidate that purports to champion diversity and tolerance. It's even more of a test, or challenge for Obama, given the depth of homophobia among many mega black ministers, and many of those in their congregations."

--Dayo Olopade