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A Fitful Analogy

H.D.S. Greenway is a soppy foreign affairs commentator for The Boston GlobeIn this morning’s paper, he limns the differences between China and Tibet.  China is cruel.  Tibet is innocent.  I’m sure of the first.  I’m not sure of the second. But Tibet is certainly a thing of the spirit and, in a way, a miracle.  But leave it to Greenway, he makes his own disgusting and degrading Tibetan analogy:  “One senses here some of the same feeling of an occupied people that one feels on the West Bank.”  And now, take the Dalai Lama, “a careful combination of essential sweetness, spirituality and political acumen.”  He keeps the dream alive.  Does this remind you of Yassar Arafat or even Mahmoud Abbas?  And read: “The Tibetan mystique lies at the confluence of two powerful rivers of western emotion -- a search for spirituality that modern society seems unable to fulfill, and the human rights movement stimulated by Chinese brutality and cultural imperialism.”  If either of these are Palestine, well, sheer nonsense.