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I Can't Wait To See What Dick Cheney Sends Her

Today's email brings yet another solicitation from Team Hillary, this one going out under the name of her long-time gal pal and current campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle. Referencing Hillary's 60th birthday (coming this Friday!), Patti adorably reminisces:

Dear Friend,

Here's one of my favorite stories about celebrating Hillary's birthday.

It was her first birthday as First Lady. After all the talk of her changing hairstyles during the campaign, the staff thought it would be funny to surprise her by dressing up as different "Hillarys" -- there was Headband Hillary, Campaign Hillary, Lawyer Hillary, Short-Hair Hillary. I was the 1992 Democratic Convention Hillary -- with the sassy haircut.

This year, I hope we'll start a new tradition: sharing birthday wishes from thousands upon thousands of her supporters. Will you help me get this started by sending Hillary your birthday message today? ... [Emphasis mine]

Wow. Talk about asking for it. One can only hope there is a serious profanity filter on the web link provided by the campaign. You know Hill's supporters won't be the only ones responding to this birthday invitation, and heart-felt "messages" from inside the Giuliani camp alone will likely be enough to cause a reader's eyes to spontaneously bleed. 

 I can't quite decide if this gimmick is an indication that the campaign has king-sized cajones, a total lack of self-awareness, or some combination of the two. But in the spirit of celebration, surely Plank readers have some touching birthday sentiments they would like to pass along?

--Michelle Cottle