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Oddest. Injury. Ever.

On his blog, the always-original Gilbert Arenas explains why he had to sit out a pre-season game in Philly earlier this month:

I missed the game in Philly because of my toe. It's a phobia I have. It's one of the phobias that gives me the Gilbertology or whatever you want to call it. When I was little, whenever I got out of the shower I never wanted to touch the floor because once you touch the floor your feet are dirty again. So in the shower I used to put my socks on already without drying them off. And I had to have a new pair of socks every day. Every time I take a pair of socks off, I have to put a new pair on. A brand new pair. Since I was little I always needed a brand new pair of socks. So I had no clothes, but I had a million pairs of socks. So anyway, what happened in Philly was I was starting to get athlete's foot from all the moisture that collected from putting my slippers on around the house as soon as I got out of the shower. It started aching me so I had to sit out and let them dry for two days. It's one of those weird, kind of nasty stories like, "Ugh, nobody cares about your toes," but it sat me out a game.

--Christopher Orr